Bodysex is a nude masturbation workshop created by Dr. Betty Dodson in the 70’s. Katrina trained directly underneath Betty and has facilitated workshops for the past 5 years. In 2020, she created Bodysex Online in response to the global pandemic. Over 1000 women have participated from 26 countries with glowing results. The best part? You can do this from the comfort of your own home, it’s pre-recorded (nobody sees you), and it’s a fraction of the price.

Price is in USD, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

$197 USD

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You’re Invited to meet yourself…

This class is for you if:

  • You want to feel more confident in your body
  • You want to feel way better about your vulva
  • You are ready to shed sexual shame and own your unique self expression
  • You want to understand your anatomy experientially
  • You want to learn to have (better) orgasms
  • You want to enjoy the process of connecting with yourself (not just the ending)!

Bodysex Online is for women who have never had an orgasm just as much as it is for multi-orgasmic women.

Anyone is welcome to purchase and learn from this course. It was created for women who have vulvas (and I speak directly to that experience inside the workshop). If you are a non-binary or trans person with a vulva, please see the free focus group here (insert hyperlink). You can be a part of developing a more gender-inclusive version.

Please note: the workshop is best done with a vibrator and dildo, which are not included in the workshop’s price. Inside the course, you will find a guide on how to choose the best one’s for you with a variety of budgets, along with discount codes to my favourite shop.

Inside the Bodysex Online course, you will find three main modules, including the original 2 hour and 47 minute Bodysex Ritual video. Explore below for sample videos from these modules, as well as details on the programs other inclusions.

Sound Healing Session (27:25)

A robe on, shame shedding ritual with a Shruti box (an instrument to unlock the voice). A perfect starting point if you are nervous about the workshop. Can be done alone or as an opening to the full ritual.

Guided Self Massage (22:45)

This session is done in the nude but it is not sexual. A good way to ground into your body and get comfortable being naked. It includes some gentle movements to warm up the body, a head and neck massage with the Magic Wand, and a full body massage using your hands.

The Original Bodysex Ritual (2:47:19)

Just like an in person Bodysex workshop, we move through the 5 rituals, as created by Dr. Betty Dodson.
  • How Do You Feel About Your Body
  • How Do You Feel About Your Orgasm
  • Genital Show and Tell
  • Rock and Roll
  • Erotic Recess

Also included in the workshop is a downloadable 47 page workbook. Inside it, you will find instructions to prepare for the workshop and source supplies. You will also find high resolution files of Betty Dodson’s vulva drawings and additional anatomical diagrams, as well as past participants experiences.

Once you have purchased the workshop, you will receive a login to a membership area where all the content lives. You will have access to all future updates, free of charge.

Closed captioning and transcripts are also included for hearing impaired or deaf people.

“So thank you. Someday I will have time and space to sit with this in its entirety by myself. But for now – watching it in bits and pieces was more than enough. It gave me permission to explore and play in a way that feels empowering and free. Damn! How many people can say that about the work they do! Keep up the good work.”

THANK YOU for all that you do. I am so excited to feel GOOD about pleasuring myself and being pleasured by my partner again. Thank you thank you thank you for your incredible vulnerability and teachings to all women who feel as though they have had their pleasure taken from them 💕🙏”

“Had the best sex of my life this weekend after doing Bodysex this week. Feels like I have tapped into a magical well of pleasure and freedom. Thank you 100000x. My partner was like “I don’t know what you did, but…. wow….. keep doing it!!”

Nope! The workshop is prerecorded. You will watch videos of Katrina. Your webcam is not on. Nobody will be watching you. Some people have chosen to watch the recording with other women and have made their own little circle, but most watch on their own.
No. You have lifetime access to the course. You can watch it whenever you please.
No. There are several sections. You can go at your own pace.
Yes. The workshop is viewed through the membership area of this website. You need internet access to stream the videos.
If you complete the workshop and you don’t feel like it was valuable for you, you can email us and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked, as long as it is within 30 days of your purchase.
No. While the magic wand is the iconic tool of Bodysex, any vibrator will do. Inside the workbook, you will find a guide to buy a vibrator and dildo (both of which are recommended) at various price points, as well as a discount code to my favourite pleasure shop.
Lots of women who have never had an orgasm have taken this workshop. You are not alone. Inside the workshop you will learn Dr. Betty Dodson’s signature “rock and roll” method of self pleasuring, which has been studied in Europe on anorgasmic women with a 93% success rate. You can view the study here. New skills do take time and practice. You might not have an orgasm during the workshop, but you will learn everything you need to have one.
Amazing! I would say the majority of the women who take this workshop already have orgasms. Achieving an orgasm is cool, but letting go of shame and finding deeper layers of authentic self expression are really what we are after here. This workshop holds space for you to have a conscious, meaningful sexual connection with yourself. Many describe the experience as transformative. Check out the testimonial section for more.
Yes. There are reminders throughout to listen to and honour your body’s cues. Self pleasure is healing, but it can be harmful if you are forcing your body to do something before it is ready. This is big, brave work, and we meet you where you are at. There is a separate sound healing session inside the workshop that you are welcome to come back to whenever you want to build a sense of safety in your body.
Yes, the majority of our clients are international, so we charge in US dollars, but since our business is based in Canada, we must charge local taxes where applicable.
You can. I suggest doing it by yourself first, and then watching with them the second time. You will see in the testimonial section that many people have found doing this workshop has had positive effects on their sexual partnerships. Your partner doesn’t need to watch the workshop in order to benefit from it, but you are more than welcome to share it with them.