Ecosexual is a video course made up of 5 instructional modules and four guided connections– one for each element: Earth, Sun, Water, and Wind. Activists and artists Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens created the concept of Ecosexuality in 2010. You can find their Ecosexual Manifesto here. I started practicing Ecosexuality right after I read it three years ago. I knew my time in nature was outstanding, but hearing about the devotional quality of the connection possible was the beginning of something new for me.

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Earth is your lover, not your mother.

Ecosexual is for anyone of who wants to connect deeper to themselves, their sensuality and nature. People of all genders are welcome.

Ecosexual is also perfect for people who for some reason or another, do not feel like connecting with other people sexually.

Ecosexul is equally perfect for people who want to cultivate more sensitivity and nuance in their sexual relationships with people.

You will learn how to cultivate see and dance with the eros in all of nature. This does not mean you are humping trees. I teach you ancient subtle energy principles from Taoism, Tantra, and Reiki. With these tools, you can have as subtle or as bold a pleasure experience as you desire.


It might be hard to believe, but I used to think I was asexual, I was so shut down. Now, the sun penetrates me deeply; the way wind touches my face sometimes makes me cry form joy, and don’t even get me started on the feeling flowers on my face or the rich smell of the forest floor.

This course is not for you if you want a quick fix. You need to go out in nature and nurture your relationship with Lover Earth. There are guided audio meditations that you can take with you to get you started on this journey.

After over a year of getting exclusively sexy with myself and nature (some call this celibacy, but I was having too much fun for that word to feel appropriate), I can attest, the practice of Ecosexuality translates very well to relationships with humans as well. I will always remember the first time I was with a partner after my year of “celibacy”; I was kind of nervous, wondering if I still had it. Their hand on a small patch of exposed skin on my low back had me rippling with energy orgasms for over an hour. Yeah. Not only had I not “lost” it, but I had also gained so much more.

MODULE 1: Welcome (16:13)

  • Ecosexul Definition
  • The Why
  • Linage
  • Intention Setting/Card Reading

MODULE 2: Loops, Lines & Spirals (20:07)

  • Sexual Energy Definition
  • Basics of Energetic Movement According to Taoism, Tantra, Reiki, and Thai Bodywork
  • Making Up Your Own Pathways

MODULE 3: Shedding Shame (10:46)

  • Overcome Sexual Shame
  • How Nature Heals Us
  • Affirmations For Remembering

MODULE 4: Opening The Channels (10:47)

  • Guided Pelvic Floor Awareness and Activation
  • Guided Tension Release
  • Guided Activation of Energy Loops, Lines, and Spirals

MODULE 5: Best Practices (13:36)

  • What To Bring
  • Basic Safety
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • How to Approach Plant Allies Cannabis and Psilocybin
  • How to Roll a Micro-dosed Joint


Join Katrina in the trees to ground down with touch, breath, and the sound of the shruti box. Allow yourself to be held.


Let Katrina guide into opening to the sun, fully receiving it, allowing it to penetrate and nourish every cell of your being.


Come down to the water. Find a river, lake, or even a bath will do. Be with water. Let it ripple through your being, and wash away whatever is stagnant.


What if you were the wind? Alive and dynamic, with moments of strength and profound tenderness alike. Connect to the wind within (the breath) as you sense the movement in the air around you using tender self touch.


Join Katrina as she guides you into a new experience of winter. The vast insular snow invites you to listen even deeper. To take up space with your own quiet presence. Allow the snow to literally hold you.

Enrollment gets you:

  • Immediate and Lifetime Access
  • New Guided Connections Added Seasonally
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook/Manual
  • 123 Minutes of Professionally Shot Instructional Video

“You are so knowledgable and wise to bring this all together!!! It makes so much darn sense… it’s all energy! Thanks for sharing this information in such a grounded and authentic way. Your playfulness and passion for Ecosexual is contagious. What an amazing course!”

“This course brought me such joy! For myself and my new lover… the Earth. A new bond has been created. A new perspective. I have always deeply loved Mother Earth but LOVER Earth resonates so much more deeply and I’m so thankful to have the support of this shift in love styles. Feeling the love in every step, every breath, every wave that crashes, the wind on my face, the sun at my back. Thank you for helping me with this awareness. It’s kicked up my sexual energy big time!!!!”

“I really loved your guided visualizations and meditations for all of the elements. They are beautiful and spot on. Connecting to my own sexual energy and linking it deeply in nature was something I always felt but could never put my finger on. So thankful for these tools and wisdom you are providing. This course offers healing for ourselves and our planet. It really brings it all together!”

You learn the basics of Sacred Energy eXchange (sex) and tune into the subtle realms of sex. Your whole body becomes the sex organ, and even the slightest sensation (like a breeze on your face or the sound of a river in your ears) can bring massive pleasure.

Pretty cool, huh?

You are already doing this, you might just not be aware of it. Non-physical energy exchange happens during sex with humans, regardless of whether the exchange is conscious or not. When you have awareness of your sexual energy (which Ecosexual teaches you to do), oh baby, watch out! It’s a whole other world.

Another cool side effect of learning to be ecosexual is expanding your ability to desire and receive pleasure beyond what you’ve been conditioned to find attractive or arousing. Sex beyond gender and genitals is pretty darn limitless. It’s quite exciting.

I get that. It might seem new and out there, or kind of fetishy, none of which are bad things, but the way I teach Ecosexuality isn’t so much about having a nature fetish.

It is more about harnessing and moving sexual energy, which is really just life force energy. It teaches you to slow down and feel more subtle things, which is pretty old school advice. People have done this for thousands of years.


For example, the Taoist practice of the microcosmic orbit is old AF. Or the Tantric method of moving kundalini energy; both talk about the same thing (life force energy) using a slightly different approach (a loop vs a coiling snake).

Sexual energy creates everything that exists. Nature is pulsing with it. So I teach you how to have Sacred Energy eXchanges with the different elements. And how to use breath and movement and your pelvic floor as a pump so that you can take your nature time to the next level.

Oh my gosh, YES.

I have taught energy sex workshops with humans using the same principles, which were beautiful.

I wanted to teach energy sex with nature inside of this course because it is the most accessible thing, especially during pandemic times, when human contact is scarce.

Plus, the added benefits of fresh air and nervous system co-regulation can’t be beat. Well, having sex with a person in the great outdoors, ideally on a bed of moss… might top it 🧐. But until that comes your way, Ecosexual awaits.

There are four informational modules and four guided connections/meditations, with bonus content being added seasonally.

We just added a bit on Snow, and I’m planning on doing some flower stuff in the spring.

Here is a peek into the informational modules:

(1) Energy Loops, Lines, and Spirals

I break down the main sexual energy maps that I have studied over the past decade. Taoism from China, Tantra from India, Sen lines from Thailand, Reiki from Japan, and the toroidal field, as seen in the birth world. You will start to get a feel for the common thread, and then comes the fun part; you make up your own!

(2) Shedding Shame

I talk about allowing yourself to take up space with your pleasure. I also explain how the nervous system gets dysregulated, which is the cause of so much anxiety, depression, and unrest, and how nature can heal us.

(3) Opening the Channels

This module is more of a “do it with me” one than an informational one. I teach the basic practices that you can use when you are out in nature to open the channels of sexual energy. A lot of pelvic floor awareness and breathing. It’s like an erotic yoga class.

(4) Best Practices

I share my best practices for staying warm, ways to use plants like cannabis and psilocybin to enhance your connection to nature, and how to find out who’s native land you are on.

5% of sales will be redistributed to Landback Lane, a legal fund supporting Indigenous Land Defenders from Six Nations reserve.