Feel the Feels is a 60 minute experience guiding you into feeling your feels. All of them. The good, the bad, the ugly.


Our nervous system is like any other system. They can be weak, overtight, and lacking endurance or they can be strong, supple, and ready to go the distance.

Feel the Feels gives you the latter.

These are tough fucking times we are living in, folks. It is no joke out there.

I came out with this class originally in the fall of 2019 when I thought I had the hardest summer of my life, full of grief and dealing with some heavy family stuff. Little did I know, that was the warm up! And I needed to keep getting stronger.

So here we are. The class I needed to keep going (and still do). Hundreds of people from all over the globe have participated so far. This edition of the class comes with an easier to read, phone compatible, 34 page workbook.

It’s simple. It’s easy to do. And I’m a pleasure queen, so I made sure they were enjoyable to do, too. Cuz if we don’t like doing it, we aren’t gonna do it.

The class is equal parts nervous system nerding out and experiential nervous system regulation.

Learn the physiological science of feelings (polyvagal theory) and then do Katrina’s top 3 practices right along with her to regulate your nervous system:




Enrollment gets you:

  • access to the live December 25 class (11:00am EST)

    (please note: there won’t be room for live speaking from participants in this class. There will be lots of room for connection in the chat box, and there will be an additional 30 minute space to share after the hour class, that is completely optional and will not be recorded)

  • lifetime access to the recording

  • downloadable 32 page PDF workbook manual

  • video of Katrina’s Loving Grief ritual


Please note the price is in USD.

20% of proceeds go to My Friend’s House, a women’s shelter in Collingwood, Ontario, that provides a safe haven for abused women and their children.