I work with women, but get questions all the time about men’s sexuality. I wanted to bring in some of my favourite leaders in the industry to share their expertise with you.

Marc is the creator of Orgasmic shamanism, a practice of energetic transmission, somatic movement and tantra, rooted in the mystery schools of ancient civilisations. He supports men (sometimes also women) all over the world in transforming issues related to early trauma, purpose, creativity, sex and intimacy.

Marc help’s men achieve radical transformation with the power of the orgasm.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Sexual Shamanism / energetic transmission
  • Working with sexual shadow, trauma, disfunction, fantasy. How we can work with it to become the highest version of ourselves and be successful in the world with it.
  • Gives examples of common and darker sexual shadows and how to “overcome”
  • Dives into what his work looks like with clients
  • How to embody your Sexual Edge / masculinity in today’s world.


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Want to work with Marc? Visit his website for all of his offerings: www.orgamsicshaman.com
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Katrina Marie