People for Pleasure is an online community space to practice pleasure together.

It’s my intention to use this space to support you in living your orgasmic life.

There will be lots of live practices. Think slow, sensual stretch classes, dancing and sound baths.

There will be room for conversation. Let’s talk about things like dating, healing our attachment wounds and having hotter sex.

There will also be tons of resources so you can understand the why and how of pleasure. I have included some of my most popular e-books about the nervous system (Feel the Feels) and anatomy (Learn to Speak Pussy).

It is open to all genders and is pay what you can.

Prioritizing pleasure is radical.


Events Calendar

Your People for Pleasure membership will give you access to our events calendar. This calendar will contain all the upcoming live/online offerings exclusively for members. Just click into any date with a small dot marking, and then click into the specific event of interest. Within the listing, you will find specific details about the event, as well as a ‘save to calendar’ function so that you can export the event to your calendar of choice!

A NOTE ON GENDER: Some offerings are “no boys allowed” and will be marked as such. I am committed to making at least 50% of all offerings accessible to all genders, and I look forward to the healing possible inside this space.


People for Pleasure

People for Pleasure’s content is divided into five sections. You can check out the introductory videos for each section below. As a member (when you are logged in) you will have access to exclusive content within each section – as well as access to past live/online event videos that you can view at any time (as often as you’d like)!

Practices & Rituals

Woo practices and rituals! In this section, you are going to find all my favourite things!

We are going to dance together, stretch together… gosh, I am really excited about this part. I started teaching yoga when I was 16 and I can’t wait to share this beautiful practice again. I don’t know if you could call it yoga anymore, let’s say yoga informed movement. Whatever you call it, it has been huge part of how I connect to and care for my body, as well as slowing down my mindddd. Along with the stretchy stuff, I am also going to be sharing some of my favourite restorative yoga practices in this section. I truly believe we could all use a nap! Rest is a radical thing these days, and making a practice and ritual out of it is so helpful. Think of it as the most luxurious guided nap time. Although props help, I will show you how to do everything with stuff you probably already have in your house. I’ll show you how to swaddle yourself and position pillows in ways that will make your nervous system sing.

You will also find sound rituals in this section: gong baths, singing bowls, vocal toning, and more. And I will share with you the 4-minute workout that has changed my life. Let’s be real, who wants to work out for more than 4 minutes? I don’t! And these 4 minutes once or twice a day have me feeling ready for life. And of course, I will be sharing weird, wonderful ways to feel good, too, like flower worship. Pick whatever pleasure practice draws you in first! See you soon!

Community Conversations

I think the reason people enjoy following me is because I am talking about the stuff WE ALL WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I have the BEST conversations with people. Most people, with good reason, don’t want to talk about the most intimate details of their lives all over the internet, but they have things they want to talk about. I could honestly spend all day in private messages with people, but that is not sustainable (and won’t pay the bills, hunnnny).

So here were are. You finally all get to meet one another. I’m not the only fun one, I promise.

So let’s do it. Let’s talk about everything. Sex, love, grief, dying, cumming, learning to be with our bodies, ROMANCE, standards, being brave, all of it.

You’ll find a monthly conversation happening here live. You can count on me to create a safe space. I’ll bring a super juicy topic, maybe assemble a panel of people now and then. You bring your thoughts, ideas and let’s riff, baby!

Nerding Out

Nerdy, passionate… same same, right? This is a place for me to share whatever I am nerding out on/getting sparkly in the eyes about. You will find workbooks that I have created on regulating the nervous system (feel the feels), the anatomy of pleasure (learn to speak pussy), and I am sure lots more is to come. Cum? Get it. Speaking of that, people ask me all the time for a squirting tutorial. I have only ever squirted a few times in my life and it always feels random. So this will also be a place where I host chats with experts. Your membership means I can pay these folks well for their fine services. If you want something covered, don’t be afraid to reach out and make a request.

Book Club

Join us for a montly book club! This book club is focused around… you guessed it, PLEASURE! Pretty self explanatory. Read the book, show up with some thoughts and feelings, and lets have an intellectually stimulating timeeee! I’m sure it will get pretty


Foooood! This is a space to reclaim the joy and pleasure of eating. Food is so beautiful! And nourishing! And a lovely way to practice both creating and receiving pleasure. On par with making love to yourself, if you ask me.

Get ready for the world’s best nachos (that will also feel amazing in your belly), waffles made of lentils (I swear it’s sorcery they are so good), whole lotta cookies, and a stacked smoothie game. I will be sharing recipes, along with my favourite kitchen hacks, so you can enjoy the process just as much as the results. Nothing is off-limits. There will be vegan stuff, meaty stuff, easy stuff, more technical stuff, and it will all be DELICIOUS!


Pay What
You Can

Yay! I am so thrilled you want to be a part of People for Pleasure!

I am passionate about accessibility! The membership fee is offered on a sliding scale.

Please choose the price that you can afford.

People who pay the top tier make the lowest tier possible.

Your credit card will be charged monthly. All prices are in US dollars. If you are in Canada, you will also be charged HST. Once you have signed up, you can cancel your membership at any time from your account profile.

If you have any questions before signing up, please reach out.

See you in there!